Yellow Eyed Kole Tang

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Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Diet: Herbivore
Reef Compatibility: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 6' Tank
Difficulty: Easy


Also known as Bristletooth tang, these species have a gold-tan body as juveniles which darkens as they age causing a sharp contrast with the lightened patterns along their body and fins. These tangs require ample swimming and hiding room. They are among the best algae eaters in the surgeonfish group, often picking at nuisance macro algaes as well as fast growing micro algaes. It is vital for these tangs to get adequate greens in their diets through supplemental algae, seaweed, and/or vitamin enriched foods. Though they are notoriously peaceful for the tang family, they may show aggression with other tangs, especially those in the Ctenochaetus family, and especially if there is limited swim space or access to food.