See What Customers Have to Say!

"I have been in this hobby many years. I've visited local fish stores throughout the US and overseas. I currently have a 900 gallon mixed reef. Some of you may know me as Elliott on Reef Central.

I visited Kona Reef today and met the owner, Alex. She was very friendly, answered all my questions honestly, and was very knowledgable. 

The store was BEAUTIFUL, esthetically the nicest store I have seen. You feel like you are in Hawaii ! The entire place was exceptional clean, including the tanks. The selection of livestock was amazing: great selection and healthy. Prices were very fair and they employ a really slick system of tags that are matched to prices and dates of arrival, by searching their website. There are tablets around the store to enter the tag information, very clever idea!
They have a fresh and salt water section, however the salt water section is much larger. They carry a large selection of fish and coral. I especially liked their selection of ORA coral. They also have most of the durable goods necessary for advanced reef keeping.
Kona Reef will definitely be on my route when I go hunting for new livestock. It was a pleasure being in that beautiful store." - Elliott 


"I stopped by today with my wife and one of my kids. This Tropical Fish store is hands down awesome! I purchased some coral frags for myself and some freshwater fish for my kids on our visit and I'm very impressed with the quality, cleanliness, customer service & prices. Even though they are in North Scottsdale they don't have the sometimes snotty attitude that other stores have. This is know one of my stops when shopping for my tanks. Absolutely impressed not only with there setup, but also by the use of technology around the store and an app coming soon to shop ahead of time for guys like me that have to drive for quality all the way around. Thanks again to the owners, Joe"


"Visiting from DC area and went to 5 Fish Stores today and this store was by far the best i've ever seen.  Very helpful customer service as well as a super clean and high-tech store.  If you are looking for a place for fish this is the place to go!!!! Don't waste your time elsewhere." - Corey H.


"Best saltwater/freshwater specialty shop in the state. I've been in the reef husbandry hobby & pet industry for 10 + years, never been in a better kept and higher quality specimen facility than The Pet Kona. I was totally impressed and blown away by the knowledge and experience this family has about marine life and equipment to support that life. Hands down 5 stars! I will only do business with them!" - Cassie A.



"This store has freshwater, saltwater and reef.  They keep it very clean and have many hard to find things.  I went there for corals.  They have from frags at only a few dollars to the highest end collector pieces (a few as big as my head).  It is one of the better SPS and LPS selections in the state.  I picked up a few nice Australian pieces and some frags.  I felt the prices were very good. The girl that works there is very knowledgeable and helpful.  I will return. The lighting in the tanks was good too.  They use enough white light.  Many of the stores now use so much blue you have no idea how it will look in your tank. The pieces were obviously hand selected and not the "bulk" pieces you see elsewhere. Do yourself a favor and come here." - Howard D.


"I just wanted to leave a review for the good people at Kona Reef. I've stopped in twice now and each time I walk through the doors, it reminds me why I drive over an hour to get there. The diplay tanks are brilliant, the frag tanks are always full of healthy, colorful, reasonably priced corals, and on top of that, the fish never have a spot on them. The staff are knowledgeable and more than willing to stop what they are doing to help. By a mile, this has become my new favorite reef shop. To all the employees at Kona Reef who are reading this, keep up the amazing work." - Josh S.


"Stopped by Kona just to check them out. The shop was very nice and clean. The staff was friendly and they had great looking coral with different price points. I saw some unique fish and everything looked well cared for and healthy. I thought they would be a little more expensive being in Scottsdale, but they weren't. I wound up getting a really nice Golden Blenny and its doing great 4 months later." - Regina K.


"Just went in to Kona Reef for the first time  since it was remodeled. WOW Amazing. Love, Love, Love what they have done to the place. Same friendly, knowledge staff that take their time helping each customer. Very well organized store and stock layout. New touch pads through-out the store to identify fish and corals  was super awesome. Also added a fresh water section Kona Lagoon which was really cool. I also love how well maintained all the tanks and livestock are, super clean and everything looks so healthy. Can't say enough about how much we love this fish store:)" - Laura R.


"Excellent staff that was very helpful and spent a lot of time with my daughter and I helping us pick out a fish and coral. Alex was awesome! The store was clean and the prices were cheaper than I was expecting." - Jeff W.


"I have a saltwater aquarium and living in North Scottsdale means a drive to get any supplies or live stock! Found this place through one of the coupon mailers and noticed they had saltwater supplies and some fish. Decided to check it out and it was awesome!! Nice selection of frags and great prices. SO happy to finally have something nice and close! Associate was very helpful and answered all our questions. Highly recommend!" - Rachel H.


"Great place! wide variety... Mickie was extremely helpful and was able to answer all of my questions.. I Highly recommend this place and would/will not hesitate to drive all the way across town to go back." - Robert P.


"Great location. with well taken care of fish and corals. Great prices with a nice modern system to look at them. Very well organized and clean store! I would recommend to anyone. " - Eric B.


"This is my go to LFS. Pricing is great and quality of stock is always amazing. Never any dead fish in displays and tanks are always super clean. Mickey and the big Dane are always happy to help out. Best LFS in the Valley !!!" - Paul P.


"Wife and I stopped in while shopping for aquariums. The owner and his fiancee spent a very long (and professional) amount of time talking to us about setting up the right kind of tank, the gear needed, and pitfalls to avoid. I was impressed at their courtesy and customer service. We will certainly be back to do our shopping there once we know what we are going to do!!" - Matt G.


"Amazing store. Stopped by the other day looking for a new coral, the staff was very kind, polite, knowledgeable, and eager to help. The store was clean and organized with a great selection and an obvious attention to the health of their livestock, more than I've seen anywhere else I've been in town. Kona Reef will now be the first, and likely only, place I'll need to go to for all my reef needs. " - Erik S.


"I just purchased an ai hydra - hd light. I went in with tons of questions being completely lost in led lighting. They took time to talk with me and suggested a few options. I am very pleased with the level of service." - Joe D.


"I have been to the store twice now and have had the best experience ever. They greeted us both times when we went in and helped us find what we were looking for. We live in ahwatukee and will always come back when we need livestock for our fishtank." - Michelle H.


"I stopped in since I was on that end of town, The staff there were super friendly and very helpful. The place looked great and the prices are great. I will definitely stop in next time I am in the area." - Marc T.