Plants & Guppies galore!

Plants & Guppies galore!

Freshwater Plants, Shrimps, and Fish at Kona Reef!

Plants GALORE!

We received a large shipment from our US-based Nursery!
  • Cardinal Plant
  • Anubias Nana Petite & regular barteri
  • Hygrophila Compacta
  • Red Melon
  • Moss Balls
  • Aponogeton Undulatus
  • Baby Tears
  • Water Sprite
  • Crypt. Wendtii Green
  • Sagittaria Dwarf
  • Amazon Sword
  • Java Fern
  • Hornwort
  • Ludwigia  Dark Red
  • Water Lettuce 
  • Rotala
  • Scarlet Temple
  • Ludwigia Ovalis
  • Banana Plant


* Japanese Amano *
* Rili Orange *
* Blue Velvet *
* Ghost *
* Gold Back Yellow Fire *
* Orange Bee *
We have a nice assortment of freshwater fish and plants in this week, here are a few of our favorites right now:
Community Fish Update: 
Lots of great options here, just going to list a few of them
  • Algae Eaters - Gold, Chinese
  • Angels
  • Botias/Loaches - Yo-Yo, Gold Dojo
  • Barbs- Green Tiger, Rosy Neon
  • Corys- Julii, Albino, Peppered, Panda
  • Gouramis -  Dwarf Powder Blue, Pearl, Dwarf varieties
  • Guppies - Cobra mixed, Halfmoon Dragon, Female assorted
  • Plecos - Bushynose & regular
  • Mollies - Black Lyretails, Ballon body assorted
  • Rasboras - Black, Phoenix, Dwarf Emerald, Purple Harlequin
  • Bala sharks
  • Tetra - Congo, Ember, Neon, Penguin
  • Snails - Mystery assorted colors, nerites
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