Crazy Mocha LONGFIN Clownfish & more in this week!

Crazy Mocha LONGFIN Clownfish & more in this week!

Designer Clownfish in at Kona Reef ~ Storms, Longfin, & MORE!
These awesome Fungia Plates are designed as "Pinwheel" based on their icy blue to purple striations in the rough pattern of a wheel! Topped off with neon green tentacles, this piece is a serious attention seeker! Fungia plates are native to Indo-Pacific and Great Barrier regions. They must be placed on the sandbed and prefer moderate lighting and flow. They do best with semi frequent target feedings of nutritious meaty foods. This one is available in the store now!
Kona Surprise Updates
Post-Labor Day, many of our shippers were a little lower stocked than usual. We received a really nice aquacultured fish and corals shipment this week, but won't be re-stocking the other normal livestock until next! 
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S&R Longfin Mocha Clownfish
Sea & Reef’s new Longfin Clownfish have a much different look to them. These longfin clownfish have long flowing fins with a rounded, more even outline. This sets them apart from the typical longfin strain that display jagged, stiff fins with uneven edges. The reason for the different look of Sea & Reef's longfin clownfish is due to different genetics. 

5 Years of Breeding = CRAZY FINS!

"The mutation that created our longfin clownfish came from a single December 2013..."

"In December 2013 our Hatchery Manager Brandon Weik was looking into a tank of several thousand Black and White Ocellaris (also called Darwin Ocellaris). He spotted a fish that looked very different than his brothers (all clownfish are born male). It had long flowing fins and was getting beaten up, probably because of its different look. The fish was isolated and later paired up. A story was published about our findings in Reef Builders in April 2014. You can read the article by clicking here.

"Our Black and White longfin clownfish was paired up and shortly after the pair started to produce offspring.  Unfortunately, less than 1% of the offspring produced displayed the longfin trait. For the last five years the Sea & Reef team has been working tirelessly on increasing the yield of longfin clownfish offspring and producing different variations. While the yield has increased, we are still not able to produce longfin clownfish in very large quantities so expect the release to be somewhat limited."
- Sea & Reef Aquaculture

Sea & Reef
Shipment In This Week

Sea & Reef Aquaculture was founded in 2003 by marine biologist Soren Hansen. They specialize in culturing only the highest quality marine ornamental fish for the aquarium hobby. Through careful research and dedication their team of marine biologists bring you saltwater fish of optimum health and vivid color.

"Our mission is to help reduce fishing pressure on the world’s coral reefs by providing marine aquarium hobbyists with 100% captive bred marine ornamental fish."
- Sea & Reef

In This Week:

  • Mocha Storms
  • Orange Storms
  • Goldflake Maroons
  • Wyoming Whites
  • Wide Bar Gladiator
  • Nearly Naked
  • Main Mocha
  • Mocha Longfin
  • DaVinci
  • Ultra Snowflake
  • Lightning Maroon
  • Goldstripe Maroon
  • Clarkii
  • Black & White
  • Ocellaris
  • Neon Dottybacks
Long Live Galaxea! 
One of our favorite beginner corals, Galaxea is striking with its neon green tentacles and does quite well in lower light, moderate nutrient tanks. They do need a little space around their perimeter, as they are known to throw out long sweeper tentacles at night or during feedings. They will aggressively eat any small meaty foods making a great beginner coral for those looking to get their feet wet! 

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