Orange Angler (Eating Krill) plus DESIGNER CLOWNS in this week!

Orange Angler (Eating Krill) plus DESIGNER CLOWNS in this week!

Orange Angler Eating Frozen! & PREMIUM DESIGNER CLOWNFISH!

This crazy looking fish has the ugly-cute thing going on and looks like something of an old man alien! They have funny personalities to match their weird looks, and enjoy perching on rock or soft corals to survey for food. We've had this guy for a few weeks now, enough time to train him to readily eat frozen krill. Beautiful and UNIQUE addition to the right aquarium (needs lower flow/aggression and lots of rock or coral to hang out on, plus hand-feeding!).
One of a kind!
Kona Phoenix Updates
Post-Labor Day, many of our shippers were a little lower stocked than usual. We received a really nice aquacultured fish and corals shipment this week, but won't be re-stocking the other normal livestock until Tuesday! 
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S&R Black Storm Clownfish
Sea & Reef’s Black Storm Clownfish were a bit of an accident. They were looking to breed and all black variant of the DaVinci Clown (which is traditionally at least 50% Orange). They came across a one-in-a-million offspring of their DaVinci stock that was indeed 100% Black in coloration. He was paired with a traditional black Ocellaris to try to breed more clowns with his pattern, but alas the offspring had far more white than expected...and henceforth we now have the Black Storm Clownfish, a happy accident! 
Sea & Reef
Shipment In This Week

Sea & Reef Aquaculture was founded in 2003 by marine biologist Soren Hansen. They specialize in culturing only the highest quality marine ornamental fish for the aquarium hobby. Through careful research and dedication their team of marine biologists bring you saltwater fish of optimum health and vivid color.

"Our mission is to help reduce fishing pressure on the world’s coral reefs by providing marine aquarium hobbyists with 100% captive bred marine ornamental fish."
- Sea & Reef

In This Week:

  • Black Storms
  • Mocha Storms
  • Orange Storms
  • Goldflake Maroons
  • Wyoming Whites
  • Wide Bar Gladiator
  • Nearly Naked
  • Main Mocha
  • DaVinci
  • Ultra Snowflake
  • Lightning Maroon
  • Goldstripe Maroon
  • Clarkii
  • Black & White
  • Ocellaris
  • Neon Dottybacks

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