Weekly Update May 30th!

Weekly Update May 30th!

Over-Stocked on Fish at Kona!
New Livestock Highlights
After a busy memorial day weekend, we replenished all inverts this week along with both saltwater and freshwater fish! Highlights include:
  • Black Cap Basslet
  • XL Black Trigger
  • Mexican Rainbow Wrasse
  • XL Square Anthias Males
  • Lyretail Anthias Females
  • Regal Angel M/L
  • Koran Angels
  • Aiptasia Eating Filefish
  • Tailspot Blennies
  • Midas Blennies
  • Purple Tangs
  • Green Mandarin Gobies
  • Rainford Gobies
  • Yellow Belly Hamlet
  • Bicolor Angels
  • Foxfaces
  • Achilles Tangs
  • Falco Hawkfish
  • Sergeant Majors
  • Long Horn Cowfish
  • Dragon Pipefish
  • Heniochus
  • Tomini Tangs
  • Orange Shoulder Tangs
  • Green Bird Wrasses
  • Six Line Wrasses
  • Yellow Coris Wrasses
  • Red-Eyed Fairy Wrasses
  • Cleaner Wrasses

Check out this month's video of coral colony highlights! Click here!

New Saltwater Hang On the Back Filters!

Now carrying Tidal filters, an excellent hang on the back option for saltwater or freshwater. We brought these in as a solution for our customers with smaller saltwater aquariums instead of a hang on the back protein skimmer. These filters have some serious upgrades that make them the best on the market:
Surface skimmer pulls out floating oils and proteins from the top of the aquarium
Prime-Free pump in the intake of the filter
Large media chamber keeps media fully submerged for maximum effectiveness (Bonus! Could be used as a "media reactor" in saltwater)
Whisper-Quiet pump technology and gentle spillway minimizing splash noise
Adjustable flow and adjustable surface skimmer allows you to control when and how much you want it working (make easy adjustments during cleaning or feeding, etc)
Clogged indicator lets you know when it's time to clean up the media chamber!

Aqua-Culture Spotlight

Jason Fox Raspberry Ice Leptoseris

This Lepto develops a beautiful bright raspberry color, hence the name. In smaller pieces, like the frag, it has an interesting variation in color around the edges; as the colony matures the pink coloration deepens and brightens. A relatively fast grower, this coral prefers low to medium light and high to medium flow. They typically grow faster in higher flow areas. Crazy bright addition to any system!
*Jason Fox Colony picture for reference:

Red Sea Spring Sale until June 15th!

Have you dreamed of owning a full-sized home reef system? With our special spring offer, now’s your chance!

You can save $300 on a new REEFER 525 or 525 Deluxe. That’s a full sized REEFER 525 for the price of a 450! But you need to act fast, as this offer ends on June 15th, while supplies last!

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