SW Update June 19!

SW Update June 19!

Week of Collector's Corals & Fish at Kona!
New Livestock Highlights
Tanks are FULL! We received an incredible amount of fish and coral. I really cannot believe we have been able to stock this well considering the Indo coral ban is still in place (from what we hear it is at least until the end of the year potentially longer!). Mike has been doing some serious sourcing to make sure that despite international restrictions, we can still get the Valley some great selection as we head into summer (AKA the season we all stay inside and look at our tanks). 
  • Regal Angel
  • Emperor Angel
  • Eiblii Angel
  • Majestic Angel
  • Blue Face Angel
  • Bicolor Angel
  • Half Black Angel
  • Midas Blenny
  • Copperband Butterfly
  • Ghost Ribbon Eel
  • Tomiyama Shrimp Goby
  • Orange Spot Goby
  • Heniochus
  • Orange Spec Jawfish
  • Fu Manchu Lionfish (super cool!)
  • Moorish Idol
  • Mandarins (both Target & Green)
  • Valentini Puffers
  • Blue Hippo Tangs (super adorable!)
  • Convict Tang
  • Blonde Naso Tang
  • Dejardinii Sailfin Tang
  • Clown Tang
  • Powder Blue Tang
  • Purple Tang
  • XXL Black Tang *RARE*
  • Scopas Tang
  • Naoko Fairy Wrasse
  • Yellow Coris Wrasse
  • Red Coris Wrasse
  • Lubbock Fairy Wrasse
  • Red Eye Fairy Wrasse
  • Exquisite Wrasse
  • Picture Wrasse
  • Basket/Marble Wrasse
  • Six Line Wrasse
  • Green Bird Wrasse
Ultra Corals Overload!
Tons of cherry coral colonies and frags!

High Quality Foods Now In!

Re-Stocked LRS foods and Reef Nutrition products! Now in: 

LRS Reef Nutrition
Reef Frenzy Live Tigger Pods
Nano Frenzy
Herbivore Frenzy
Fish Frenzy
Fertility "Who's Your Daddy"
Fish Eggs
Arcti Pods
Oyster Feast
Roti Feast
Phyto Feast
RG Complete (Lg size only)

Aqua-Culture Spotlight

Rainbow Chalice

We purchased this from MACNA about three years ago and have been growing it in our personal tank. While it's a slow grower, it boasts phenomenal color of orange and green eyes with blue/red/purple skin. A true rainbow! As it is a slow grower, supply is limited now and will be variable going forward. If you are interested in getting this collector's chalice, either hurry in or plan on pre-ordering for the next cutting!

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