Storms haven't stopped this selection! Tons of Fish & Coral in this week!

Storms haven't stopped this selection! Tons of Fish & Coral in this week!

New Livestock Highlights
We hope everyone stayed safe this week with the crazy monsoon weather, thunderstorms, and haboobs! It's been quite the weather heavy week! Nevertheless, we received a HUGE shipment of fish and good sized one of coral. We are stocked to the hilt! Overflowing on fish and not a single empty colony space, now is the time to come in for insane selection!
  • Bicolor Angel
  • Regal Angel
  • Eibli Angel
  • Lamarck Angel (Females)
  • Midnight Angel
  • Blue Pygmy Angel
  • Bellus Angel
  • Tons of Anthias! Lyretail male and female and truncates *XL Square Anthias!*
  • Basslets! Harlequin, Lantern, Tobacco & Chalk
  • Bicolor Blenny
  • Scooter Blenny
  • Starry Blenny
  • Forktail Blenny
  • Copperband Butterfly
  • Klein's Butterfly
  • Red Cardinals
  • Bangai Cardinals
  • Green Chromis
  • Blue Velvet Damsels, Springeri Damsels, Royal Damsels & Striped Damsels
  • Clowns! Got in an XL mated pair of Maroons & Ocellaris!
  • Dragonette Ruby Red (Eating well!)
  • Ghost Ribbon Eels (Eating well!)
  • Snowflake Eels
  • Japanese Dragon Eel *RARE*
  • Purple & Helfrichi Firefish Gobies
  • Diamond Goby
  • Scissortail Goby
  • Dragon Goby
  • Rainford Goby (Jester's)
  • Yellow Clown Goby
  • Green Warpaint Goby
  • Royal Grammas
  • Flame Hawkfish
  • Speckled Hawkfish
  • Longnose Hawkfish
  • Heniochus 
  • Red Jawfish (Gold Spec)
  • Foxface Lo
  • Magnificent Foxface
  • Aiptasia Eating Filefish
  • Mandarins (Target & Green!)
  • Stars & Stripes Puffer
  • Dragon Pipefish
  • Red Perchlet (Pygmy Hawkfish)
  • Strawberry, Diadema, Sunrise, Neon, Black Neon, Springeri, Orchid, and Indigo Psuedochromis
  • Achilles Tangs
  • Blue Hippo Tangs
  • Bariene Tang
  • Orange Shoulder Tang (juv)
  • Dejardinii Sailfin Tangs
  • Clown Tang
  • Convict Tang
  • Mata Tang
  • Tomini Tang
  • Purple Tang
  • Powder Blue Tang
  • Powder Brown Tang
  • XXL Black Tang *RARE*
  • XL Naso Tang
  • Blonde Naso Tang
  • Vlamingi Tang
  • Scopas Tang
  • Yellow Tangs
  • Unicorn Tang
  • Bluejaw Trigger (Male)
  • Clown Trigger
  • Niger Trigger
  • Harlequin Tusk (Indo)
  • Carpenter Flasher Wrasse
  • Basket (Marbled) Wrasse
  • Cleaner Wrasses
  • Exquisite Wrasse
  • Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse
  • Lunare Wrasse
  • Green Coris Wrasse
  • Naoko's Fairy Wrasse
  • Yellow Coris Wrasse
  • Red Head Fairy Wrasse
  • Six Line Wrasse
Japanese Dragon Eel! One of the most rare and desirable eels around! Check out this guy while he searches for his perfect home!
Radion XR30wG4 Pros on Sale!
Ecotech announced on the first that all Radion XR30wG4 Pros will be $50/off through the month of August (while supplies last). We have heard from insiders that this is most definitely not a close-out sale, but just to help boost their sales in the ever-growing super competitive lighting market. Radions are by far our favorite light, so if you have been thinking about making the upgrade now is the time! We are carrying them in stock on the shelf!
Have you dreamed of your own custom glass aquarium? 
As Arizona's dealer of Lifetime Aquariums, we can provide competitive pricing on any size of custom glass aquarium. Our 400 gallon LPS Display system was built by Lifetime, so we can attest to their quality and durability. Their easy to use website has pricing available for all sizes so you can do research on your own or you can come in or email us to work up a quote. We can do as little as simply have it delivered to your door or as much as take care of it full time, it's all up to you. 
Getting away from the heat? Plan ahead for your travels!
Automatic feeders can really take the stress off you traveling for the summer. These are our favorite auto feeders which we recommend to couple with some type of retainer like the MagFeeder floating ring which keeps the food in place (and not going straight into your filter!). The eheim is a great feeder for any size tank and any size food, it works well for tanks that rely primarily on flake or pellet. The fish mate is great for portion control and smaller tanks or supplementally for predators (i.e. feeding freeze dried krill or mysis but controlling portions). It is always recommended to set one up at least a week before you are planning on traveling so you can work out any bugs before you're gone! 

Aqua-Culture Spotlight

ORA Green Tip Orange Birdsnest

This birdsnest, or Seriatopora, is a fast growing SPS coral that thrives in high flow and medium/high light. Compared to other birdsnest, this variant is exceptionally hardy and fast growing; we have seen in thrive in a majority of tank conditions. Because it is so fast growing, there are usually frags of it in the cheaper sections as well making it a very affordable, yet still beautiful SPS to try out.  (ORA picture for reference).

Now in Stock on the Floor!

Aquatop's All-In-One Recife aquarium now on the floor at Kona for the great price of $499.99. This reef ready all-in-one comes with a light, a recirculating filter pump, a protein skimmer, filter media basket, and the stand! Would make a perfect little species only tank, mini reef or even mini planted aquarium! 

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