Saltwater Update June 27! Crazy Awesome Eels in this week!

Saltwater Update June 27! Crazy Awesome Eels in this week!

Huge Sale & Rare Amazing Eels for this Weekend!
Get your tank ready for the 4th this weekend!
Saturday & Sunday only: 
* Buy one, get one 50% off (equal or lesser value) ANY livestock! Frags, Coral, Fish, Inverts, Plants included! No Limits! *
* 25% Off ALL frozen foods! Stock up! *

This weekend will be the last time to stock up for at least a week or so! We will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th to observe Independence day and we will not be receiving any new livestock until July 9th. 
New Livestock Highlights
We are really well stocked on coral colonies and frags this week in preparation for the 4th of July sale this weekend! Our efforts to expand the behind-the-scenes aqua-culturing is in full swing. Mike's been making short work of bags and bags of frag plugs!
 For fish we have a great assortment, especially of some unusual guys we don't normally get in. Serious collector fish, eels, and coral in: Master Scoly, XL Elegance Coral, XL Heliofungia, Japanese Dragon Eel, Blue Ribbon Eel, White Ribbon Eels, XL Black Tang, Purple Scorpionfish, Orange Angler & more!
  • Regal Angel
  • Blue Face Angel
  • Tons of Anthias! Lyretail male and female and truncates
  • Flame Angel
  • Eibli Angel
  • Bicolor Angel
  • Half Black Angel
  • Midas Blenny
  • Long Horn Cowfish
  • Chromis/Damsels always in!
  • Blue Ribbon Eel
  • Ghost Ribbon Eel
  • Snowflake Eel
  • Orange Spot Goby
  • Firefish Gobies Red & Purple
  • Green War Paint Clown Goby
  • Dragon Goby
  • Heniochus
  • Orange Spec Jawfish
  • Mandarins (both Target & Green)
  • Achilles Tangs
  • Blue Hippo Tangs (super adorable!)
  • Convict Tang
  • Dejardinii Sailfin Tang
  • Clown Tang
  • Powder Blue Tang
  • Purple Tang
  • XXL Black Tang *RARE*
  • Vlamingi Tang
  • Scopas Tang
  • Clown Trigger
  • Humu Trigger
  • Yellow Coris Wrasse
  • Red Coris Wrasse
  • Lubbock Fairy Wrasse
  • Red Eye Fairy Wrasse
  • Six Line Wrasse
Japanese Dragon Eel! One of the coolest eels around and a true collectors item! We brought in two and have already pre-sold one. The other will be available for sale Wednesday on. 
Ultra Corals Overload!
Tons of cherry coral colonies and frags!

Get a New Tank for the 4th!

Aquatop's Recife aquarium now on the floor at Kona. This reef ready all-in-one comes with a light, a recirculating filter pump, a protein skimmer, filter media basket, and the stand! Would make a perfect little species only tank, mini reef or even mini planted aquarium! 

Red Sea still has a few tanks left, so they have extended their Spring Sale until July 15th!
Very limited supply! Deluxes almost sold out! If purchase is made on a weekend, we cannot double check availability from wholesaler and will need to re-confirm on a weekday. If you were thinking about buying a Red Sea this a great deal!
You can save $300 on a new REEFER 525 or 525 Deluxe. That’s a full sized REEFER 525 for the price of a 450! But you need to act fast, as this offer ends on June 15th, while supplies last!

Aqua-Culture Spotlight

JF Raja Rampage Chalice

This chalice has been made famous by being featuring in some very famous show tanks including one at World Wide Corals and Jason Fox. It's difficult to show it's truly striking quality in a photograph, because the amazing thing about this coral is the eyes are quite large and really glow under blues. A colony draws the eye from across the room. We were lucky enough to snag a small piece at the last reef show we went to, so we have very limited small frags of this incredible coral!

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