ORA & Reef Nutrition In! Seahorses, Clowns, Live Foods & More!

ORA & Reef Nutrition In! Seahorses, Clowns, Live Foods & More!

Large shipment from ORA! Now available:
- Stubby Clownfish
- GoldxLightning Maroon Clownfish
- Lightning Maroon Clownfish
- Fancy Clownfish
- Black Snowflake Clownfish
- Black Misbar Clownfish
- Cinnamon Clownfish
- Tomato Clownfish
- Skunk Clownfish
- Clarkii Clownfish
- Neon Dottybacks
- Orchid Dottybacks
- Erectus Seahorses (eating frozen!)
Also got in Chaetomorpha for all you refugium guys!

We also received a fresh shipment of Reef Nutrition products including: 

- Arcti Pods
- Live Tigger Pods
- Tigger Feast
- Oyster Feast (both sizes!)
- Roti Feast (both sizes!)
- Phyto Feast (both sizes!)
- ROE (both sizes!)

Reed Mariculture is the world's largest supplier of microalgael foods. It was founded in 1995 to grow bivalve shellfish and has since then grown into massive supplier for breeders and aquarium enthusiasts alike. Their Reef Nutrition line has been perfected since 2005, and we have used all of their products in our aquariums in the store. Personal favorite is Oyster Feast, followed by ROE for the great feeding responses and growth we see with these foods. If you are looking for high quality, clean foods for finicky fish and coral, Reef Nutrition is the best out there.

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