New High-End Designer Frags! SW Update 9/19!

New High-End Designer Frags! SW Update 9/19!

High End Corals from MACNA & MORE!
Kona & Studio Updates
Busy couple of weeks here, we have gotten in about 4 shipments a week including a selection of designer corals from MACNA - forest fire digi, bubblegum digi, kung pao monti, aquaman monti, bam bams, purple hornets, scrambled eggs, blondies, utter chaos & more! Added more sections to our frag tank to keep up!
  • Coral Beauty Angel
  • Flame Angel
  • Blueface Angel
  • Tons of Anthias! Lyretail male and female, XL Squareback,  *Purple Queen Anthias!*
  • Basslets! Harlequin, Lantern, Tobacco
  • Bicolor Blenny
  • Lawnmower Blenny *back in stock!*
  • Klein's Butterfly
  • Longnose Butterfly
  • Raccoon Butterfly
  • Red Cardinals
  • Bangai Cardinals
  • PJ Cardinals
  • Green Chromis
  • Blue Velvet Damsels, Springeri Damsels, Royal Damsels, Neon Velvet & Striped Damsels
  • Clowns! Tons of options here, ORA shipment in this week - Snowflake both orange and black, Wyoming White, GoldxLightning, STUBBY variants, Picasso, Naked, Sadleback, Skunk, Misbars, Caramel, and more!
  • Snowflake Eels - XS & LG!
  • Zebra Eels (smaller so cute!)
  • Japanese Dragon Eel *RARE*
  • Citron Clown Goby
  • Firefish Gobies - Helfrichi, Purple, Red
  • Dragon Goby
  • Rainford Goby (Jester's)
  • Golden Head Goby
  • Diamond Goby
  • Blue Gudgeon
  • Royal Grammas
  • Panther Grouper
  • Arc Eye Hawkfish
  • Longnose Hawkfish
  • Falco Hawkfish
  • Foxface Lo
  • Aiptasia Eating Filefish
  • Mandarins (Green & Target)
  • Moorish Idol
  • Dogface Puffer
  • Dragon Pipefish
  • Strawberry, Diadema, Sunrise, Neon, Black Neon, Springeri, Orchid, and Indigo Psuedochromis
  • Seahorses! Tank bred and raised, both Erectus & Tigertail
  • Blue Hippo Tangs
  • Bariene Tang
  • Dejardinii Sailfin Tangs
  • Clown Tang
  • Convict Tang
  • Kole Tang
  • Tomini Tang
  • Powder Blue Tang
  • Powder Brown Tang
  • XXL Black Tang *RARE*
  • Naso Tang
  • Blonde Naso Tang
  • Scopas Tang
  • Unicorn Tang XL
  • Yellow Tangs
  • Clown Trigger
  • Niger Trigger
  • Blue Throat Trigger
  • Harlequin Tusk Indo
  • Yellow Coris wrasse
  • Green Coris Wrasse
  • Carpenter Flasher Wrasse
  • Basket (Marbled) Wrasse
  • Cleaner Wrasses
  • Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse
  • Green Coris Wrasse
  • Mystery Wrasse
  • Nebelius Wrasse
  • Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse
  • Six Line Wrasse
  • Blueface Angel
  • Coral Beauty Angel
  • Regal Angel
  • Majestic Angel
  • Anthias! Lyretail male and female, purple queen
  • Scooter Blenny
  • Bicolor Blenny
  • Lawnmower Blenny
  • Double Saddle Butterfly
  • Copperband Butterfly
  • Kleins Butterfly
  • Bangai Cardinals
  • PJ Cardinals
  • Green Chromis
  • Blue Damsels
  • Clowns! Tons of options here!
  • Snowflake Eel
  • Golden Dwarf Eel
  • Firefish Gobies - Helfrichi, Purple, Red
  • Citron Goby
  • Banded/Bar Goby
  • Scissortail Goby
  • Royal Gramma
  • Longnose Hawk
  • Flame Hawk
  • Candy Two Spot Hogfish
  • Foxface Lo
  • Aiptasia Eating Filefish
  • Yellow Belly Dogface Puffer
  • Stars and Stripes Puffer
  • Valentini Puffer
  • Porcupine Puffer
  • Dragon Pipefish
  • Assorted Psuedochromis
  • Scribbled Rabbitfish
  • Seahorses 
  • Blue Hippo Tangs
  • Chocolate Tangs
  • Clown Tang
  • Convict Tang
  • Powder Blue Tang
  • Purple Tang
  • Blonde Naso Tang
  • Sailfin Tang
  • Scopas Tang
  • Tomini Tang
  • Yellow Eye Kole Tang
  • Yellow Tangs
  • Clown Trigger
  • Huma Trigger
  • Blue Throat Trigger
  • Basket/Marbled Wrasse
  • Green Coris Wrasss
  • Flasher Wrasses
  • Ruby Headed Wrasse
  • Sixline Wrasse
  • Tricolor Fairy Wrasse
New Birthday Promotion!
Come in on your birthday to save 25% on any livestock you purchase and take home! Must have an ID to verify and your birthday & must be on that exact day (if it is a day we are closed, you can come in the day before or after). No holds.
Some highlights from MACNA! Audio is not great, but info is!!
We're Hiring!

Join a hard working, fast growing, aquarium team in Phoenix Az. The ideal candidates will have a strong passion for aquatics and a desire to learn about aquarium husbandry as well as about retail/service strategy in the aquarium hobby. He/She will be a self-starter, independent worker who works well without micro-management. Looking for a strong emphasis on hard work, integrity, respect for life, and loyalty to our business. 
We have high standards and are only looking for the best. There will be potential for room to grow as our business continues to develop and grow. 
Click Here to Apply.

Full-Time Service Tech - Hiring Now

Seeking responsible, self-starter to work as a full time service tech.

The Ideal Candidate:

- Has a clean driving record 
- Is comfortable with rigorous and physical work, including regularly lifting heavy objects and going up and down stairs  
- Is great at problem solving and ideally has had multiple saltwater aquariums of their own 
- Has experience with hard and soft PVC style plumbing
- Has experience with protein skimmers, UV sterilizers, canister filters, return pumps, and other relevant aquarium equipment
- Has an open schedule for training, ultimately schedule will be Mon-Fri
- Has strong work ethic and sense of speed while working
- Experience with construction, plumbing, or electrical is a plus

Full-Time Retail Associate - Hiring Now (please notate if preference between working in Phoenix or in Surprise)

Seeking hard working, team player with a mind for aquatics and sales.

The Ideal Candidate:

- Able to work weekends and holidays
- Has sense of speed while working, enjoys working in fast-paced environment
- Has a saltwater aquarium of their own 
- Positive, friendly personality
- Is a problem-solver that enjoys helping people and fixing things
- Has an open schedule for training
- Has strong work ethic 
- Any retail or sales experience a plus

Aqua-Culture Spotlight

Blondies Zoas

These Zoas are extremely popular for their eye-catching bright yellow and orange colors that contrast with the blue-tone mouth. They are a little more slow growing than some other Zoa variants, but well worth the waiting. Super bright addition of yellow, which is hard to come by! Best suited for lower 20k lighting and thrives with moderate feedings. 

Have you dreamed of your own custom glass aquarium? 
As Arizona's dealer of Lifetime Aquariums, we can provide competitive pricing on any size of custom glass aquarium. Our 400 gallon LPS Display system was built by Lifetime, so we can attest to their quality and durability. Their easy to use website has pricing available for all sizes so you can do research on your own or you can come in or email us to work up a quote. We can do as little as simply have it delivered to your door or as much as take care of it full time, it's all up to you. 
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