Store Update July 11! Tons of Coral & Fish in!

Store Update July 11! Tons of Coral & Fish in!

Got Coral? We do! Lots of large shipments in this week!
New Livestock Highlights
We have done some heavy re-stocking this week to account for the lack of shipments last week. We received four large shipments Tuesday and are expecting several large incoming shipments late this week or early next week. Fish (both saltwater and freshwater), inverts, and corals seriously re-stocked!
  • Black Marbled Angler (Eating Frozen!)
  • Regal Angel
  • Blue Face Angel
  • Tons of Anthias! Lyretail male and female and truncates
  • Flame Angel
  • Basslets! Harlequin, Lantern, & Tobacco
  • Tailspot Blenny
  • Glass Cardinals
  • Red Cardinals
  • Green Chromis
  • Blue Damsels, Springeri Damsels, & Striped Damsels
  • Clowns! Tons of ORA in!
  • Dragonette Ruby Red
  • Ghost Ribbon Eels (Eating Frozen!)
  • Snowflake Eels
  • Japanese Dragon Eel *RARE*
  • Green Warpaint Clown Goby
  • Orange Marked Goby
  • Firefish Gobies Red & Purple
  • Dragon Goby
  • Heniochus
  • Falco Hawkfish
  • Longnose Hawkfish
  • Pearly Jawfish (Yellow head)
  • Mandarins (Target)
  • Porcupine Puffer
  • Stars & Stripes Puffer
  • Dragon Pipefish
  • Strawberry, Sunrise, Neon, Black Neon Psuedochromis
  • Achilles Tangs
  • Blue Hippo Tang
  • Orange Shoulder Tang (juv)
  • Dejardinii Sailfin Tang
  • Clown Tang
  • Tomini Tang
  • Purple Tang
  • XXL Black Tang *RARE*
  • Vlamingi Tang
  • Scopas Tang
  • Yellow Tangs
  • Bluejaw Trigger (Male)
  • Clown Trigger
  • Harlequin Tusk Lg
  • Blue Flasher Wrasse
  • Cleaner Wrasses
  • Lunare Wrasse
  • McCosker Flasher Wrasse
  • Red Coris Wrasse
  • Green Coris Wrasse
  • Twin Spot Wrasse
  • Red Eye Fairy Wrasse
  • Six Line Wrasse
Japanese Dragon Eel! One of the most rare and desirable eels around! Check out this guy while he searches for his perfect home!
Corals In Stock!
Mike's been sourcing far and wide to keep the tanks full of corals for the Valley! This week we got a great shipment of primarily LPS. Some really nice Scolys, Torches, Trachs, Fungias, Bowerbanki, Chalices, Zoas, Bubble Corals, and Derasa Clams.


ORA is a large Florida Aqua-culture facility that breeds and raises fish and corals in captivity. A great source for healthy, adaptable animals- here's what we got in:
 - Clowns: Ocellaris, GoldxLightning Maroon, Fancy Ocellaris, Black Snowflake, True Percula, Frostbite, Goldstripe Maroon, Snowflake, Clarkii, Deluxe Clarkii, Saddleback, Lightning Maroon, Gladiator, Mocha Gladiator, Tomatos, Skunks, Fire, STUBBY varieties
- Dottybacks: Orchid, Sunrise, Indigo, Springeri, Neon, Black Neon
- Other: Harptail Blenny, Aiptasia Eating Filefish, Watchman Goby, Erectus Seahorses
- Blue Voodoo Stag, Turquoise Stag, Joe the Coral, Hawkin's Blue Echinata, Frogskin Acro, Mind Trick Monti, Ponape Birdsnest, Hyacinth Birdsnest, Pink Birdsnest, Marshall Island Lantana, MIMF Green Stag, Marshall Island Purple & Green, Red Setosa, Derasa Clams
Monsoon Season is Here!
Did you lose power this week during our first monsoon? Here's a few tips to keep your aquarium safe during a power outage this year: 
1. Short-Term Battery Backup - IceCap Battery Backup is a middle cost battery backup that can run a Gyre pump or small variable DC pump for 10-30 hours depending on the power draw of the pump. It can run 50w at 30% for up to 35 hours max. Ideal for shorter term use on smaller pumps 12-24v pumps. Two can be linked together for more time. 
2. Longer-Term Battery Backup -
Ecotech Battery Backup is a stronger battery that can run an MP10 for 72 hours, an MP40 for 36 hours, or a Vectra for on/off increments. For longer power outages, this is a great reliable option with Vortechs. Two can be linked together for more time (Note: extra adapter required to use with Vectra)
2. Air Pump Battery Backup - The
Breza Battery Air Pump is the most affordable easy solution for on-hand safeguard in the case of a power outage. For less then $25, you can have get a battery powered air pump, air stone, and air line to make sure your tank stays oxygenated in the case of a power outage. 

Aqua-Culture Spotlight

Grinch Montipora

This dimpled Monti looks similar to a Season's Greetings Monti but is an Undata instead of a Capricornis and typically has larger polyps with a deeper red color. It is a resilient Monti that grows well when happy and tends to just lose color if issues arise. We've seen it survive and adapt to many different tank conditions over the years though it prefers high flow and medium lighting. Really nice addition to any tank looking for a different or easier SPS coral.

Now in Stock on the Floor!

Aquatop's All-In-One Recife aquarium now on the floor at Kona for the great price of $499.99. This reef ready all-in-one comes with a light, a recirculating filter pump, a protein skimmer, filter media basket, and the stand! Would make a perfect little species only tank, mini reef or even mini planted aquarium! 

Red Sea still has a few tanks left, so they have extended their Spring Sale until July 15th!
Very limited supply! Deluxes almost sold out! If purchase is made on a weekend, we cannot double check availability from wholesaler and will need to re-confirm on a weekday. If you were thinking about buying a Red Sea this a great deal!
You can save $300 on a new REEFER 525 or 525 Deluxe. That’s a full sized REEFER 525 for the price of a 450! But you need to act fast, as this offer ends on June 15th, while supplies last!
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