Frag-alicious: Definition make the boys go LOCO! Update 8/17!

Frag-alicious: Definition make the boys go LOCO! Update 8/17!

Fragalicious Definition make the boys go LOCO!
What's New at Kona
We are so excited this week to announce our frag system has been upgraded!! Thanks to the great guys at Reef Gardens, we have sleek new racks to showcase our frags! Our previous frag capacity was about 800 and now it will be 1,000! Tanks are FULL with over 250 colonies, 800+ frags, and 200+ fish! A few BEAUTIFUL RBTAs in as well, only a handful so those are expected to go quickly! Also re-stocked on inverts this week - emerald crabs, neon blue hermits, scarlet hermits, strea snails, cerith snails, nassarius snails, tiger sand conches, and sand sifting stars.
  • Eibli Angel
  • Regal Angel
  • Midnight Angel
  • Blue Pygmy Angel
  • Bellus Angel (Female)
  • Tons of Anthias! Lyretail male and female and truncates *XL Square Anthias!*
  • Basslets! Black Cap, Harlequin, Lantern, Tobacco & Chalk
  • Bicolor Blenny
  • Scooter Blenny
  • Starry Blenny
  • Tailspot Blenny
  • Copperband Butterfly
  • Red Cardinals
  • Bangai Cardinals
  • Green Chromis
  • Blue Velvet Damsels, Springeri Damsels, Royal Damsels & Striped Damsels
  • Clowns! Tons of options here, at least 10 different varieties!
  • Ghost Ribbon Eels (Eating well!)
  • Snowflake Eels
  • Japanese Dragon Eel *RARE*
  • Firefish Gobies
  • Dragon Goby
  • Rainford Goby (Jester's)
  • Yellow Clown Goby
  • Green Warpaint Goby
  • Royal Grammas
  • Flame Hawkfish
  • Longnose Hawkfish
  • Heniochus 
  • Red Jawfish (Gold Spec)
  • Foxface Lo
  • Magnificent Foxface
  • Aiptasia Eating Filefish
  • Mandarins (Green)
  • Stars & Stripes Puffer
  • Valentini Puffer
  • Dragon Pipefish
  • Strawberry, Diadema, Sunrise, Neon, Black Neon, Springeri, Orchid, and Indigo Psuedochromis
  • Achilles Tangs
  • Blue Hippo Tangs
  • Bariene Tang
  • Orange Shoulder Tang (juv)
  • Dejardinii Sailfin Tangs
  • Clown Tang
  • Convict Tang
  • Mata Tang
  • Tomini Tang
  • Purple Tang
  • Powder Blue Tang
  • Powder Brown Tang
  • XXL Black Tang *RARE*
  • Blonde Naso Tang
  • Vlamingi Tang
  • Scopas Tang
  • Yellow Tangs
  • Clown Trigger
  • Niger Trigger
  • Harlequin Tusk (Indo)
  • Basket (Marbled) Wrasse
  • Cleaner Wrasses
  • Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse
  • Lunare Wrasse
  • Green Coris Wrasse
  • Red Head Fairy Wrasse
  • Six Line Wrasse
We've got CORAL!
The tanks are full right now! Too many to list...AMAZING Scolys, Ultra RBTAs, Zoas, Mushrooms, Trachys, Cyanarina, Elegance, Favia, Chalices, Acans, Candycanes, Acros, Lobos, and more!
Frag System Upgrade!
Introducing the all new style of the frag system here at Kona. HUGE upgrade for us, not just way nicer looking but it increases our capacity to 1,000 frags! Talk about a lot of frags! We did some thorough cleaning and re-organizing for the new racks, so come check it out!
Celebrating frags this week!
Reed Mariculture Inc 
Reef Nutrition In Stock!

We received a fresh shipment of Reef Nutrition products this week including: 

- Arcti Pods
- Live Tigger Pods
- Tigger Feast
- Oyster Feast (both sizes!)
- Roti Feast (both sizes!)
- Phyto Feast (both sizes!)
- ROE (both sizes!)
Reed Mariculture is the world's largest supplier of microalgael foods. It was founded in 1995 to grow bivalve shellfish and has since then grown into massive supplier for breeders and aquarium enthusiasts alike. Their Reef Nutrition line has been perfected since 2005, and we have used all of their products in our aquariums in the store. Personal favorite is Oyster Feast, followed by ROE for the great feeding responses and growth we see with these foods. If you are looking for high quality, clean foods for finicky fish and coral, Reef Nutrition is the best out there.

Aqua-Culture Spotlight

Mustard Acan

We acquired this strain about two years back and it quickly became Alex's personal favorite. It's unique shades of yellow earned the quick nickname of "Mustard". It's a very unusual color for Acan lords and has proven to be a steady, happy strain growing quite well in captivity and receiving foods readily. It's recommended to go in a low light, underflow area and give feedings of high quality protein dense foods like ROE 1-3 x week.

Radion XR30wG4 Pros on Sale!
Ecotech announced on the first that all Radion XR30wG4 Pros will be $50/off through the month of August (while supplies last). We have heard from insiders that this is most definitely not a close-out sale, but just to help boost their sales in the ever-growing super competitive lighting market. Radions are by far our favorite light, so if you have been thinking about making the upgrade now is the time! We are carrying them in stock on the shelf!
Have you dreamed of your own custom glass aquarium? 
As Arizona's dealer of Lifetime Aquariums, we can provide competitive pricing on any size of custom glass aquarium. Our 400 gallon LPS Display system was built by Lifetime, so we can attest to their quality and durability. Their easy to use website has pricing available for all sizes so you can do research on your own or you can come in or email us to work up a quote. We can do as little as simply have it delivered to your door or as much as take care of it full time, it's all up to you. 
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