2019 Saltwater & Freshwater Shipments Rolling In!

2019 Saltwater & Freshwater Shipments Rolling In!

Saltwater fish, coral, and dry goods GALORE!
Kona Updates
We have gotten several fish shipments as well as coral these last two weeks at both locations. They are both well stocked on Seahorses, Clownfish, & other captive-bred fish!
In other news, we got in a nice shipment of bounce mushrooms we are babying at our warehouse. We will start putting them out for sale as they get a little bigger....let us know if you may be interested in pre-ordering any.
We are hearing some rumors about Red Sea aquariums, soon there will be some changes to announce! 
New in this week at Phoenix:
- Green Mandarins
- Lyretail Anthias
- Lawnmower Blennies
- Ruby Red Dragonettes
- Black Vagabond Butterfly
- Glass Cardinals
- Firefish
- Snowflake Eels
- Aiptasia Eating Filefish
- Diamond Gobies
- Green Warpaint Clown Goby
- Rainford Goby
- Red & Yellow Coris Wrasses
- Bicolor, Purple, and Diadema Dottybacks
- Banded Gobies
- Foxfaces
- Falco Hawkfish
- Flame Hawkfish
- Longnose Hawkfish
- Carpenter's Wrasses
- Yellow Fin Fairy Wrasse
- Valentini Puffer
- Lavendar Tangs
- Clown Tangs
- Blonde & Regular Naso Tangs
- Sailfin Tangs - Regular & Desjardini
- Blue Hippo Tangs
- Powder Brown Tangs
- Scopas Tangs
- Yellow Tangs
- Powder Blue Tangs
- Klein's Butterfly
- Copperband Butterfly
- Heniochus
- Bangaii Cardinals
- Niger Trigger
- Regal Angel
- Bicolor Angel
- Majestic Angel
- Flame Angel
- Pinktail Trigger
- Bluejaw Trigger
- Cleaner Wrasse
- Six Line Wrasse
- White Dragon Eel
New in this week at Surprise:
- Green Mandarins
- Emperor Angel
- Flame Angel
- Flagfin Angel
- Bellus Angel
- Bicolor, Neon, and Purple Dottybacks
- Heniochus
- Chalk Basslets
- Bigeye Red Soldier
- Lawnmower Blennies
- Copperband Butterfly
- Green Chromis
- Sgt Major Damsels
- Ghost Ribbon Eels
- Snowflake Eels
- Aiptasia Eating Filefish
- Firefish
- Snowflake Clowns
- Ocellaris Clowns
- GoldxLighting Clowns
- Bangaii Cardinals
- Bluejaw Trigger
- Dragon Pipefish
- Clown Grouper
- Foxface Lo
- Porcupine Puffer
- Stars & Stripes Puffer
- Valentini Puffer
- Blue Hippo Tangs
- Yellow Tangs
- Lavender Tangs
- Blonde Naso Tang
- Naso Tang
- LT Tang
- Powder Brown Tang
- Clown Tang
- Chevron Tang
- Scopas Tang
- Purple Tang
- Red Coris Wrasse
- Lubbocki Wrasse
- Carpenter Wrasse
Show Tank LOVE! We always say our show tanks are kind like our resume and we are quite happy with the growth and progress of the SPS Red Sea aquarium at our Phoenix location over the last year and a half. This tank was first set up in June 2017 with nothing more than frags. A few of the original pieces is the ORA Red Setosa, the Jedi Mind Trick Monti, and the red Monti Plate - all of which were put in June 2017 as small frags. 
We set up Surprise's SPS Red Sea Aquarium in the beginning of November, we cannot wait for it to grow into the same beauty!
Want 25% off livestock?
Come in on the exact day of your birthday (if it is a day we are closed, you can come in the day before or after). Click here to sign up for an email reminder the week before!

We have been receiving some negative feedback about this promotion - if you are in support of continuing it, please let us know as we are considering ending it due to negative comments. 
What a year we have had at Kona! Click here to check out this video of some of the highlights. We wish everyone another amazing year as we head into 2019!
We're Hiring!

Join a hard working, fast growing, aquarium team in Phoenix Az. The ideal candidates will have a strong passion for aquatics and a desire to learn about aquarium husbandry as well as about retail/service strategy in the aquarium hobby. He/She will be a self-starter, independent worker who works well without micro-management. Looking for a strong emphasis on hard work, integrity, respect for life, and loyalty to our business. 
We have high standards and are only looking for the best. There will be potential for room to grow as our business continues to develop and grow. 
Click Here to Apply.

Full-Time Service Tech - Hiring Now

Seeking responsible, self-starter to work as a full time service tech.

The Ideal Candidate:

- Has a clean driving record 
- Is comfortable with rigorous and physical work, including regularly lifting heavy objects and going up and down stairs  
- Is great at problem solving and ideally has had multiple saltwater aquariums of their own 
- Has experience with hard and soft PVC style plumbing
- Has experience with protein skimmers, UV sterilizers, canister filters, return pumps, and other relevant aquarium equipment
- Has an open schedule for training, ultimately schedule will be Mon-Fri
- Has strong work ethic and sense of speed while working
- Experience with construction, plumbing, or electrical is a plus

Part-Time Retail Associate Phoenix and Surprise - Hiring Now 

Seeking hard working, team player with a mind for aquatics and sales.

The Ideal Candidate:

- Able to work weekends and holidays
- Has sense of speed while working, enjoys working in fast-paced environment
- Has a saltwater aquarium of their own 
- Positive, friendly personality
- Is a problem-solver that enjoys helping people and fixing things
- Has an open schedule for training
- Has strong work ethic 
- Any retail or sales experience a plus

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